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Lying in the Arms of God: Poems of a Sacred Romance

I sat out on the back deck on unseemly warm days and opened my eyes to the unseasonable rare beauty of the heavens...and then, unbidden, unannounced, the poems came, slowly, peacefully, over several days. I always have a pen at hand and scribbled notes without haste. You read now what came to me those days, edited a bit later, until finally birthing again in this collection you are reading, Lying in the Arms of God: Poems of a Sacred Romance. Mystical, sensual, ...An expression of divine love.


Readers, I invite you to imagine a love that transcends lifetimes, a quest of one soul to feel again the passion and embrace, to know again its ultimate Love…Imagine a  woman "reincarnating time and time again," who flees for multiple centuries from that for which she most urgently yearns…A woman beginning to imagine how the physical touch of God's embrace will feel upon her own flesh.


Imagine vanquishing all resistance to those all-loving, eternal eyes, that strong, sure, sinewy frame, and accepting you are worthy and equal and falling into the warmth of impassioned remembrance. Imagine "every breath a drink divine..."


Pressed within the words of warm verse, the poetry of such whispered moments reflect and acknowledge a sacred romance and God's greater desire for personal intimacy with each person willing to become other than we have been hitherto. Within these poems desire, fear, confusion melt in a heat of ecstasy realized, touched, entitled in human form. Herein feel the ardent Love that has never left us and from which we are incapable of ever parting. 


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