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I had not journeyed to India in search of something. For the most part, at that time I figured I knew it all - and none of what I felt so assured about had any concern at all for Spirit! Yet, once in Rishikesh, the call of the Ganges River - Ma Ganga, the "Mother," as she is known - drew me to her side and the whisper of her began to move within me, and birthed this book. Read this newly released edition and you will feel as if you are walking by my side and experience seeing life with what I term "non-physical l eyes" - the truth beyond the ocular view.


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WHAT BOOK REVIEWERS SAY About Moonlight on the Ganga
Review by Fredric Brussat in Spirituality & Health:
"...Devotionally rich...Above all, MOONLIGHT ON THE GANGA is a transformative journey to the sacred center where the author sees with the eyes of the heart - as the Sufis would put it."

NAPRA Review:
"Poetic and mystical memoir..."

Reviewed by television's Passport To Adventure website:
"[This book is] a spiritual journey that takes place in Rishikesh on the Ganges River, home to many seekers & ashrams. The author does a good job of illuminating the experience of independent travelers - trying to be open to a very different culture, but struggling with wariness of strangers and differences that we cultivate in our culture, where we think we are the ones in control."

Review in The New Times (Seattle):
"A book that's so lyrical it could have been set to music...To read this book is to be touched to the core, and to awaken within one's self the essence of those perpetually unanswered questions that constitute the very Dance of Life itself...(The author's) reflective journaling sweep one into the river with her, causing one's soul to sing the same song to which she was then vibrating...Moonlight on the Ganga draws out deep desires for beauty...This beauty is revealed in the experience of a simple glance, the awakening of recognition, or the exquisite taste of comforting moments in which the soul truly rests in peace. (Author) Claire Krulikowski finds this solitude in the 'thunderous song of the river.' Through vignettes describing her encounters, her humor often catches you unawares. Her vivid writing captures your imagination as she leads you gently to conclusions of the heart. Every nuance of her experience is felt in its warmth and dramatic lucidity. The story of her journey births within you a sense of heightened curiosity as she masterfully paints images of orange marigolds, shopkeepers, pilgrims and swamis. She also explains how monkeys find their way into her room, takes the reader on journeys to exotic locals, addresses unique confrontations, explores peaceful vistas and meets people living in constant contact with a magnificent river."

Reviewed in The Rebecca Review:
"This journey seems to be an essential part of Claire's own spiritual path. She must face overwhelming fears, address aspects of primal survival, and encounter her teachers in various guises to grow and mature into a beautiful awareness of life itself in all its suffering and elation. Her spiritual insight shows a striking clarity of vision. A sense of freedom in the moment permeates every page. As she is tested in disarming ways, life is smiling. How do you address hunger, death, accidents and conflicting emotions while only longing for peace, solitude and a good cup of Chai tea? This enchanting mosaic is profoundly spiritual while retaining an especially realistic portrait of life...With striking powers of observation, Claire's writing leads you through an enchanting landscape where a revered river nurtures, heals, and accepts prayers that float as flowers on the ripples until descending into the silent depths. When you finish reading this book you will long for Claire's experiences, and then realize they are offered to you, wherever you live."

Reviewed by Curled Up With A Good Book at http://www.curledup.com/moongang.htm):
"When I first picked this book, captivated by the pretty cover picture of one of the ghats, or stairs, lining the Ganges, I wasn’t sure if I would be reading of a traveler’s journey or a seeker’s. It wasn’t surprising that it turned out to be the latter, given the large number of people worldwide who are drawn to India’s spiritual heritage. And no river epitomizes this heritage more than the Ganga, or Ganges...When author Claire Krulikowski lands in India, first in Delhi and then Rishikesh, she is enveloped with a sense of calm and belonging. This isn’t strange, since there is bound to be openness and acceptance in a society and country that is teeming with life and where swamis, monkeys, shopkeepers, other pilgrims all jostle for room. This openness is what draws her more and more into the country, its people and its mores. She starts to feel a sort of inner peace in this mishmash of wealth and poverty, spiritualism and materialism, acceptance and rejection. Her journey through Rishikesh and its ghats and her interactions with sadhus, lepers, monkeys and cows as well as ordinary people fill her with an immense joy which somehow translates through her writings. A pleasurable read, although my take is that it is not the sacred that is the source of her well-being and peace; rather, it is the dichotomies of chaos and order, tradition and modernity that impart a surreal character to her life in India, a surrealism that makes her and others more casual, accepting, trusting and open-minded.

Review by Tami Brady, a 'Top 10 Reviewer' for Amazon.com:
"It was the trip of a lifetime, the kind that changes your life forever. Claire Krulikowski went to India to attend the dedication ceremony of Shangri-La. This ashram (spiritual retreat) was being gifted to a non-Hindu woman, Jacqueline Snyder, so that she could further her aim of uniting all of the world's people into one voice to change the world into a better place. Krulikowski intended to write a book about this unique experience. However, once in India, the author quickly realized that the topic of her book was going to be much more personal...

"Moonlight on the Ganga is much more than a travel memoir. This book unabashedly tells of the author's experiences while in India. However, in doing so it also intimately shares the author's path to personal and spiritual awareness. The reader can't help but wonder what they'd see if they only trusted their intuition and the magic of the universe."


By Martin D. Storman, May 12, 2001 (5 Stars):
"The author's daily journal account of her spiritual journey along the Ganga River in India brings to life all the feelings one could experience in a life-time. The river serves as a sacred place by bringing together the people and animals to pray and blend together. The author's experiences impact everyone with unforgetable lessons of what's really important and a greater love of life."

By Janice Hiatt, April 26, 2001(4 Stars):
"Told through rich imagery along the sacred waters of the Ganga River, Claire invites you to embark on a very personal journey of self-revelation and spiritual growth. Her search to know and serve God is fueled by a willingness to leave behind past attitudes and to love without judgement or separation. Faithful effort is given to understanding situations that arise and learning that there are no accidents. When met with the unexpected river voyager - be it human or animal - Claire's account is told with humor and honesty. You feel her rapture with each realization and her uncertainty with each challenge. I hope she takes the advice of her newfound `angel' and visits Nepal. We could all benefit from the trip."