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E-book release of Moonlight on the Ganga ISBN: 978-1-5040-3816-4
Moonlight on the Ganga is now circulating expansively into the Spirit of people's lives in e-book format for the first time. Purchase Moonlight, at Amazon in Kindle, Apple through their I-app, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo and at other e-stores. A new print version should be out in December. Walk with me along the sacred Ganges River in India

In Moonlight on the Ganga,, "Whether it is drinking scalding coffee on chilled mornings, meeting a pilgrim on the sands, being sat upon by a sacred cow, painting murals in courtyards, being followed by a boy with elephantiasis and a leper imploring assistance, setting candles afloat downstream, or any of the whirlpool of other incidents bubbling up for my notice, each ripple offered respite and reflection."

This book, originally published in 2001 (just prior to 9-11) has now risen again in E-book form, like the great river itself, always alive whether in drought or flood. (The new print edition will be available in December 2016-If you prefer a print copy, please wait for the new edition and ignore any older print version that may still show online temporarily.)

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People have asked me, "Why do you write what you do?" My writing is meant to benefit others as well as express myself. Have you ever done something in your life thinking you understood exactly why you were doing it only to discover afterwards that there were reasons and forces at play you couldn't have comprehended earlier? Isn't it amazing how much better things turn out when we allow ourselves to trust and follow the flow?

I ignored the currents calling to me for a long time, distracting myself with the plentiful 'busy-ness' of leisure amusements and a business career. It would be decades before I connected quite momentously with the call of my soul, resurrected with my love of writing and communicating, and looked into the "eyes of eternity" that reflected God's Light and Peace in all life - and within me. That's why I write, teach, and, in general, aim to create accuracy and harmony in all my work - It is part of my contract.

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