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"'Hooks of fear' clawed at author, Claire Krulikowski, on her first morning's awakening in India. However, in Rishikesh she heard the call of Ma Ganga, the Sacred River, and accepted its enticing invitation to leave everything she knew behind..."
Inspirational poetry - mystical, sensual, sensitive...An expression of personal rapture and communion with the Divine. Print and ebook formats-NOW ON KINDLE!
In Living A Radical Peace, readers learn five reasons people fear peace, question the foundations of our beliefs and the illusions created standards of common authorities are accepted.
An experienced and skilled author/copywriter/editor, Krulikowski knows what writers and businesses need to ensure "winning" content that captures readers attention.
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Sharing the books, writings of Northwest (Oregon) author, Claire Krulikowski, and inviting visitors to utilize the skilled editing/​proofreading, promotional, SEO website copywriting, and instructional services I have been providing since 1994.
People have always asked me, "Why do you write what you do?" My writing is meant to benefit others as well as express myself. Have you ever done something in your life thinking you understood exactly why you were doing it only to discover afterwards that there were reasons and forces at play you couldn't have comprehended earlier? Isn't it amazing how much better things turn out when we allow ourselves to trust and follow the flow?

I ignored the currents calling to me for a long time, distracting myself with the plentiful 'busy-ness' of leisure amusements and a business career. It would be decades before I connected quite momentously with the call of my soul, resurrected with my love of writing and communicating, and looked into the "eyes of eternity" that reflected God's Light and Peace in all life - and within me. That's why I write, teach, and, in general, aim to create accuracy and harmony in all my work - It is part of my contract.

View my books pages to learn more and order my India travel memoir (Moonlight on the Ganga), inspirational poetry collection (Rapture: Love of the Heart), and inspirational nonfiction book (Living A Radical Peace: Creating Life Anew).

Contact me for writing or editing assistance with your business or nonfiction project, including search engine optimized website copy, project research, report writing, promotion, book proposals, and more. My seminars on topics concerning the business of writing, including Grants for Writers: Follow the Money, and Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Proposal (among others), have been popular offerings at writer conferences and for writing groups.See the My Works page for more information.

This website is written and Copyrightę2003-2010 by Claire Krulikowski. All Rights Reserved. All text, photos, and images are protected. The copyrights for article excerpts included on this site remain in full force and effect.

Claire Krulikowski's two nonfiction books (Moonlight on the Ganga, and Living A Radical Peace) and one poetry collection (Rapture: Love of the Heart) (Now available on KINDLE), are each distinct in subject and style, but they all share a sense of adventurous questing, and Higher guidance. You can purchase any of the print edition books directly from this Oregon author's website. Just click on the particular book's webpage to order. Speaking of "adventurous questing," this Northwest author is presently writing a new book, and this one is fiction!

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