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New Release - Lying in the Arms of God: Poems of a Sacred Romance

Whispered Moments
Imagine a woman "reincarnating time and time again" who flees for multiple centuries from that for which she most uirgently yearns. What happens to a woman who finally vanquishes all resistance, who falls in love with God? How does the touch of that hand on the flesh of her life feel? What speaks between them? Who might she be who savors such a kiss? And what of this divine liege who entices a passion so many others have have run from also? 


Pressed between these sheets, the poetry of such whispered moments reflect and acknowledge a sacred romance and God’s greater desire for personal intimacy with each person willing 'to become other than we have been hitherto.' They celebrate a love daring to speak its name in this life whose roots hold the promise of fulfillment of a holy pledge."

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From Reverend Terry Hershey, author of Soul Gardening among other books, and a popular lecturer:
"Beautiful, enticing...devotional and semi-heretical...and I love this book! Rapture, is poetry meant to be savored. Claire's writing spills from her heart, and her imagery - intimate, playful, passionate, and sometimes poignantly personal - reinforces the truth that a life fully lived is permeated by the sacred. This is a love story...a story about a searing love, a sustaining love, and a love eagerly embracing life without armor."

From Glenn Evans, Poet, Novelist, Historian, and Founder of PoetsWest in Seattle:
"...Rapture captures the feeling of Claire's love and faith in God. The feelings expressed within the poems seem to arise from deep within the soul...Krulikowski's introspective and spiritual cast lends itself to the soft rhyme and meter she uses in many poems and gives a nice rhythm to the lines."