Readers Empower Authors

November 12, 2017

An author's published book is akin to a newborn baby. Every author loves their book. We love her, we watch over her, we love sharing her and love the attention friends and family and passerby's pay to our new child. We know she will be appreciated, and we attempt to guide her in ways that we hope will enable her to reach the zenith of her full potential.

Readers-you-the individual who buys books and (hopefully) reads the book soon and with care -YOU empower authors. We want our books to get into the hands of many, many readers, because we know the good our books can do and we have, yes, spent part of our lives making the books come to life - for YOU.

Yet it often seems that readers are not in a hurry to read the book or to offer greetings to the author about a book they have read (while authors are eagerly biting their nails and checking for emails or FB postings several times a day hoping to 'feel the love').

So, I urge you to not delay picking up that book your friend, neighbor, or family member has written and give your attention to the tale, and acknowledge to them your appreciation or ask them questions about the book - Just as you might *******************************************************************
If you are located in the Jackson County/Southern Oregon area, would you be interested in hosting a "Moonlight on the Ganga" reading party? You and I can invite people for a fun and personal get-together, and during the party any attendee who desires will be able to purchase a copy personally autographed!

Reach me via the "Contact Me" page of this website:
My 'Spotlight Talk' at the Ashland Literary Arts Festival on October 28th, 2017 went very well. The audience members were very engaged and curious, asking great questions.

I plan on setting up more personal appearances (weather permitting now that winter is approaching), so keep checking my events page, or, if you are on Facebook, put the following shortcut ( @authorclairekrulikowski ) into your FB search bar and click on and "Like" my Author Facebook page.

There is also a "Buy Button" on my @authorclairekrulikowski page for ease of ordering from Amazon. (When ordering, please make sure your "Cart" has the recent re-release by Open Road Media Distribution) and also not a copy from a 3rd-Party Reseller. Thanks.
Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I'll chat with you again next month!
- Claire