Moonlight on the Ganga Available Now

November 5, 2016

An exciting and satisfying day, and I'm sharing the joy here first! My first book, MOONLIGHT ON THE GANGA, originally published by a small press in San Francisco in 2001 (just before 9-11) is newly launched in E-book format.

MOONLIGHT shares tales of what I call those singular eventful moments that occurred as I walked along the sacred Ganges River in Rishikesh, India- Those moments you can pass right by if you're not aware, yet they will nudge, poke, insist in whispered, persistent ways to be aware, get quiet, wait, watch. As I write in the book's introduction, "Whether it is drinking scalding coffee on chilled mornings, meeting a pilgrim on the sands, being sat upon by a sacred cow, painting murals in courtyards, being followed by a boy with elephantiasis and a leper imploring assistance, setting candles afloat downstream, or any of the whirlpool of other incidents bubbling up for my notice, each ripple offered respite and reflection."

Powerful Endorsements
MOONLIGHT ON THE GANGA has received powerful endorsements from Dr. Jean Houston, Ph.D. (author of "Jump Time" and "A Passion for the Possible"; Lynn Andrews (author of the Medicine Woman series and "Love and Power"; Sheila Bender (author of "Writing Personal Essays: How to Shape Your Life Experience for the Page"; Sabrina Fox (author of "Loved by Angels" and "Who Can Help Me Sleep"; spiritual teacher, Jo Dunning; Suzane Piela (author of "You Are So Beautiful Without Your Hair"); and Geoffrey Fox (author of "Hispanic Nation: Culture Politics and the Constructing of Identity," and "Welcome to My Contri").

Purchase your E-book today
Available in Kindle from Amazon, in Nook from Barnes and Noble, with your Apple i-book app, and at KOBO as well as at other E-book stores.

Enjoy these special tales. And, please tell your friends about Moonlight on the Ganga, too. Know that I appreciate your support of me as both an author and friend! Write and let me know how you felt as you read this book.

Claire Krulikowski

The newly updated print version will launch in December 2016. More on that later!